A Better Understaning of Passover
Start with the Exodus Story

by: Jim Rector

March 2006


Although the debate will probably never end, and undoubtedly there will always be differences of opinion and understanding, it is my purpose to share with you what I feel is a possible lens through which to view the issues of Passover, taking into consideration the full intent of the Scriptural statements, as well as appropriate historical data that bears on the subject.

If one chooses to randomly approach the topic of Passover timing, picking and choosing certain passages upon which to hang one’s doctrinal thesis, major problems arise. This is something that is often done among believers, myself included at times.

In order to establish doctrine with respect to the annual holydays, we must go back to the original source and the direct commands given by God.  Trying to interpret statements found in the New Testament without first establishing what the Law says will eventually lead into error.

The instructions for Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread are specific.  While Exodus 12 contains the primary information we need, reading through chapter 11 provides the proper introduction to the institution of Passover.