A Better Understaning of Passover
A Shadow of things to Come

by: Jim Rector

March 2006


The Passover has an ancient past, but it also has a glorious future. Remember that Paul teaches us concerning the holydays that they are shadows of things to come.   This is certainly true of Passover. Yahshua stated concerning the Passover: “I will not eat any more thereof UNTIL IT BE FULFILLED IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD” (Luke 22:15-16).

In a great sense, we can liken ourselves as true believers to the ancient Israelites.  When they killed the Passover lambs, God instructed them to take the blood and apply it to their dwellings. Then they were to go inside and wait until they were completely safe.  We too have been marked with the blood, not the blood of physical animals, but that of the Messiah Himself.  And we also, like pilgrims and strangers, are waiting for God’s final judgment upon this evil world so that we can leave and be with the Savior in a new world, a new Promised Land.  We then are showing forth His death until He comes back, at which time the Passover will find its ultimate fulfillment.

The judgment of God speaks to a future Passover – just prior to Christ’s return to this earth. The end-time judgment upon this world will, in effect, be a latter-day fulfillment of His judgment upon ancient Egypt.  Egypt was merely a type or symbol of the whole system of evil throughout the world.  The Pharaoh of the Exodus was a type of Satan, and his army symbolic of the demons.  The Red Sea was representative of baptism, and, of course, the plagues that befell the Egyptians were only ancient forerunners of the great tribulation described so graphically in the book of Revelation and elsewhere in Scripture.  And, just as Israel was delivered in the days of Moses, so will there also be a future deliverance of God’s people, but on a more massive scale than ever before in history.

The sins of Egypt have swept over the earth.  The false church that actually took root during the days of the early disciples has poisoned the true religion of Christianity.  Once again, at the end of this age, God will call His people out of spiritual Egypt, and will gather them to Himself. The Passover is not yet completed.  There is still more to come. How good it is to know the truth at this critical time in history, and to be a part of what the God of the universe is doing.