Special Events:

Ami Yisrael hosts a number of special events each year including special speakers and seminars.  Some of the speakers we've hosted in the past include: Eddie Chumney (Hebraic Heritage Ministries), Bill Cloud (Shoreshim Ministry), Joseph Good (Hatikva Ministries), Frank Houtz (Dry Bones Restoration Company), Boaz Michael (First Fruits of Zion), Lee Miller (House of David School of Biblical Studies), Avi ben Mordechai,  Brad Scott (Wild Branch Ministry), Dean Wheelock (Hebrew Roots), and Rico Cortes (Wisdom in Torah Ministry).

All Seminars are Free of Charge!

Please Note - We do not necessarily agree with everything our guest speakers teach and believe,  but we do believe they have something to offer the Body of Believers.  It is the responsibility of the listener to determine for himself what he accepts as truth.

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Bill Cloud

Sabbath, March 3, 2018

Bill CloudBill Cloud - popular Hebrew Roots teacher and author - will be speaking on the Sabbath of March 3, 2018 at the  Fellowship Annex of the Calvary Baptist Church in Longview, Texas.

Bill is widely known in Hebrew Roots circles as one who has keen insight into today's world events due to his understanding of the Hebrew scriptures.  This understanding helps him connect the dots whereby he's able to see the 'hidden' nuggets of truth that are not visible when reading only the English texts of the Bible.

Bill will be a part of the Ami Yisrael Fellowship's weekly Sabbath services, leading a 90 minute interactive 'Torah Study' and giving two messages separated by a late afternoon 'oneg' (pot-luck meal).

You are invited to take part in our Sabbath Fellowship.  Bring up comments and questions in our interactive Torah Study, take part in Hebraic Dance, hear exciting messages, and enjoy food and fellowship with other 'Hebraicly-minded' believers.   Bill will have books and CD's available for purchase after the Sabbath.  Feel free to bring your friends! 

Check Bill's web site -

Calvary Baptist Church
Fellowship Annex
4715 Tenneryville Rd, Longview, Texas

Sabbath, March 3
12 noon - 8 PM

Events include:
» Interactive Bible Study;
» Exciting Messages
» Covered Dish Meal, Snacks

» 11:30 - Coffee & Donuts
» 12:00 - Torah Study
» 1:30 - Break
» 2:00 - Praise through Song & Dance
» 2:30 - Message by Bill Cloud
» 4:00 - Oneg
» 5:30 - Message by Bill Cloud

Everyone's Welcome - Bring Your Friends, but . . . Please let us know if you are coming!

Monthly and Yearly Events:

New Moon

The Ami Yisrael Hebraic Fellowship commemorates the beginning of each Biblical month on the New Moon in accordance with the traditional Jewish calendar <why>.  We typically meet for a fellowship meal and either a teaching or Bible Study.  We'll be posting info for these meetings as plans are finalized. For a complete Jewish calendar, try www.hebcal.com

the New Month ( Aviv) begins Friday evening, March 16, 2018

Click Here for Details or . . .
Contact us for more information.   tim@amiyisrael.org or call (903) 769-2750

Festivals and Events - 2018


Passover is observed Friday evening, March 30, 2018.  Details forthcoming.  We recommend that anyone wanting to observe Passover read our two-part article entitled "So You Want to Observe Passover" found on the Articles page.

Hag HaMatza (Festival of Unleavened Bread)

The spring festival of Unleavened Bread  (Friday Evening, March 30, 2018 - Friday  April 6, 2018) is an exciting time in our fellowship.  It's our tradition to have a meeting every day of the festival. Call or email us if you would like to attend any of those meetings - tim@amiyisrael.org.

Shavuot (Pentecost)

Shavuot is Sunday, May 20, 2016  (begins the evening before).    Our fellowship is hosting a Shavuot Campout.  Check back for details

The focus of the weekend will be to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals who share the desire to see the return of Messiah Yeshua just a the first century believers did as they shared this festival together nearly 2000 years ago.  The weekend will include teachings on both Sabbath and Sunday, as well as a number of topical "midrash" Bible Studies.  There will be activities and games for children and adults, as well as thought provoking activities.  Click Here for more information.

If you'd like to learn more about the Spring Festivals listed in Leviticus 23 and their impact on the believer, go to the "Articles" page on this web site, or CLICK HERE.

Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets)

Yom Teruah (Rosh HaShanah) is the beginning of the fall festival season.  Since it is a New Moon, we observe it as such on the evening before (Sunday Evening, September 9) and the next day (Monday, September 10) as well (as a "mikrah kodesh" - sacred assembly).  We welcome you to observe this exciting moed (festival) with us!  Contact us for more information - tim@amiyisrael.org

Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Yom Kippur is (according to Jewish tradition) the most sacred day of the year.  It is a fast day and a "mikrah kodesh" - a sacred assembly.  This year it falls on a Wednesday, September 19 (begins the evening before).  We welcome you to observe this very important day with us!

Sukkot  (Feast of Tabernacles)

Sukkot pictures the Millennial Kingdom of YHVH, the time when Yeshua returns to Earth and begins the establishment of His kingdom as He rules and reigns in Jerusalem.  It begins Sunday evening, September 23 and concludes 7 days later with Hoshanna Rabba - the "Last Great Day" and immediately followed by the one-day festival of Shemini Atzoreth (the 'Eighth Day Assembly) beginning Sunday Evening, September 30 - Monday Evening Oct. 1).

For more information about the Season of Our Joy festival, go to our web site - http://www.sooj.org/.

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